Buy to Let Mortgage

In the last few years the demand has become very high for rented properties and short term lets, however it is not just the multi-property landlords that have been filling the gap for this demand.  A lot of people are making the decision to rent out their existing property, rather than sell, taking advantage of the Let to Buy mortgages that have increased  in the market.  We are also seeing a lot more individuals buying one or two investment properties to rent out in addition to their own home.

Many Lenders now offer a variety of Buy to Let mortgages on both repayment and interest only options and at interest rates to suit almost any circumstances. Rates include tracker mortgages, fixed rate mortgages and discount mortgages.


Why would you want to have buy to let properties?

Property is an excellent long term investment, it can be a good source of monthly income and also has the potential to offer great growth over the years.

Many people look at the income from investment as a way to supplement their retirement income provided by traditional pensions.  The rental income from Buy to Let properties can be a useful retirement income top up.  You may even consider selling your investment property/properties to raise lump sums to enjoy through your retirement.

Choosing the right Buy to Let Mortgage

As Whole of Market mortgage advisors and experts in our field Homeline Mortgages will research and evaluate the best Buy to Let mortgages available ensuring you get the very best deal available to meet your needs and circumstances.

Why use Homeline for your Buy to Let Mortgage?

  • Access to the Whole of Market
  • Your own Buy to Let mortgage advisor from start to finish
  • We will take the hassle out of the whole process

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate some forms of Buy to Let mortgages.

My Buy To Let – What If?

Whilst there are strong advantages to building a Buy To Let portfolio or even just having one Buy To Let property, the Buy To Let investor needs to be aware of potential issues and should ask themselves the following questions.

What would happen if I was unable to rent my property for a period of time?
Would I be able to maintain the repayments on the mortgage without any rental income?

The other factor that we tend to ignore is that as well as the benefits of rising property values.  They may also decrease over time.