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In theory, a self-employed applicant should be able to apply for most mortgage products, but at Homeline Mortgages we can assist you with your application, guiding you towards the most suitable lender.

Different lenders require different verification of your income and offer different rates and mortgage terms.

At Homeline we have the expertise and experience to advise you if you are self-employed and can help with any self-employed applicant including company director mortgages, contractor mortgages, sole trader mortgages, partnership and variable income mortgages.

Invaluable mortgage advice

Being independent mortgage brokers, we have access to a wider range of lenders, plus up to date knowledge of the mortgage market. As a self-employed person seeking a mortgage, it’s all about affordability and any lender will want to assess and verify your income. This can be via HMRC calculations, full sets of accounts (usually two years), retained profits or dividend payments.

Your personal Homeline mortgage consultant will take the stress out of applying for a mortgage and give you helpful guidance throughout the process.

Impartial and expert advice

Whether you are a sole-trader, a partner or a company director, there is a process by which you can obtain a mortgage.

Most mortgage lenders will look at the income received over the last two or three tax years and either average it out or take the most recent year as a basis for calculation. It’s really useful for self-employed workers to take impartial and expert advice on getting the best possible mortgage deal.

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Here are Homeline Mortgages we have highly experienced mortgage consultants that will advise you on getting the best possible mortgage to suit your needs, no two cases are the same so we will take the time to discuss your individual requirements gathering all the information required to give you the advice you need.


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