Moving Home

Get help with your mortgage, make moving home fun again

With the excitement of finding a new wonderful home, be it bigger, smaller or just different, there is the flip side of a hundred things to sort, organize and think about… packing, moving, school changes, making sure your sale and purchase synchronise, this alone shows why moving home is said to be one the three most stressful life experiences.


It maybe you need to increase your borrowing as you move up the housing ladder, sometimes existing lenders are reluctant to provide the loan you need, or your new circumstances no longer fit their criteria. It maybe possible to arrange this finance from an alternative lender, Homeline Mortgages have the knowledge to direct your application to the most suitable lender.

Your existing mortgage maybe “Portable”, this simply means it can be transferred to another property that the lender deems suitable. If additional finances are required to complete the purchase or make improvements, you could port your existing deal and top it up. Homeline Mortgages are perfectly positioned to assist you in this.

Whole of the market access

We can access mortgages from the whole of the market, and don’t prefer any one supplier, so you can make sure you’re getting the best deal available.

Expert advice

We have mortgage experts that will guide you through every stage of the process of getting your remortgage, making sure you get the best deal, and the smoothest service.

Your own mortgage adviser

You will have access to your own expert mortgage adviser and dedicated administrator from start to finish and we promise not to pass you around to a number of advisers all saying different things.