6 Simple Steps to Re-mortgaging

Step 1 – Discuss the options with your Homeline Mortgages adviser

You’ll need to make a number of important decisions as part of this step, but there’s no need to worry. We’ll give you all the help you need to find your ideal re-mortgage.

You may be thinking of capital raising for an extension or DIY projects or you may be thinking about consolidating loans or other credit.  You may simply want to just save money each month.

Your adviser can arrange for an ‘in principle’ decision from a lender before you make a final decision to confirm how much you can borrow against your property. If it is a variable rate mortgage, don’t forget to factor in potential rate increases when working out your budget.

Step 2 – Complete your re-mortgage application

This is easy with the help of your Homeline adviser.

Step 3 – Your property is valued

Your lender needs to confirm that the property you are re-mortgaging is suitable for lending purposes. The report is for the lender only.

Step 4 – Receive an offer letter

Your mortgage application is agreed, and you’ll get an offer letter from your chosen lender. This may be subject to certain conditions.  Read carefully and consult your solicitor or conveyancer.

Step 5 – The Legals

Your solicitor or conveyancer will take care of the legal side of things like contractual arrangements, the lender’s legal work, legal fees, and local searches.

Step 6 – Completion

Your solicitor or conveyancer will agree a completion date with you when your mortgage is changed to your new lender, taking note of any penalty period end date that may apply to your existing mortgage.

Congratulations! Now you’ve remortgaged your home!