About Our Fees

We know how important it is to be up-front about fees. You need to know exactly what you’re going to be charged, and where your money is going. Here at Homeline Mortgages, we’ll help you find the right mortgage to suit your needs, without breaking the bank.

  • Our fees apply to all of our regulated mortgages, including consumer buy-to-lets.
  • For mortgages that are not regulated, such as business buy-to-lets and commercial mortgages, our fees may vary.

When you contact Homeline Mortgages, we’ll arrange a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our highly qualified advisers so that we can discuss how much you can borrow, your circumstances, what you’re looking to do and your fees. This means you’ll know exactly what you’ll need to pay, and won’t have to worry about unexpected costs.

Our fees are based around you

We base our fees on two factors: the amount you’re looking to borrow and your individual circumstances. Your fees will cover the costs of administration and research, and the independent advice that is given to you throughout your mortgage application process.

Our fees will be outlined in your Key Facts Illustration, and agreed with you in full before you make your mortgage application. Here are some simple facts about our fees:

  • Our fees are charged at up to 1% of the amount you’re borrowing.
  • Our typical fee is £495.
  • You can pay your fee in two stages: the first instalment (£295) once we’ve submitted your application, and the remainder once your mortgage offer has been issued.
  • We may receive commission from the mortgage lender in addition to the fee that we have charged you, which we will also retain.

Mortgage advisers that go the extra mile

Our highly qualified advisers invest time and effort into finding the ideal mortgage for your needs. Our strong industry connections allow us to access the full spectrum of the market – from big-name high-street institutions to small, niche lenders – to locate the best option.

We’ll help you to look beyond the interest rates in order to properly compare the cost-effectiveness of different mortgage options, and our access to the latest deals means that we can help you keep your mortgage costs down.

Making mortgages simple

We offer plenty of assistance with the paperwork, and will liaise with lenders, solicitors, estate agents and underwriters on your behalf.

If you’d like to book your initial free, no-obligation consultation with one of our expert advisers, contact us at Homeline Mortgages on 01202 937 444 today.